King Of Oh-World


I thought I was the king of my world
But my castle of mirrors started to crack
Falling straight back to, and out of grace
Falling straight now and falling fast
Winter’s cold wind bends to hit my face
Winter’s rain falls only to last

Hunted by thoughts revolutionaries oh so strong
And the nation’s so carefree and it feels wrong
Forsook from the land of my dreams
Oh thoughts do laugh at me
do wave as sing: so long old king

I should take a stand to take control
My dear throne is the thing I lack
My soul my mind I demand to come forth
My heart I demand to forfeit the black
World of mine, all for one & one for all
On that throne I’ll sit back
Said on that, I will sit back


4 thoughts on “King Of Oh-World

  1. “Dreams so better than reality” Sometimes it is my friend, but when we are too much on it and will live too much on fantasy the reality will be clouded. Great write again. Is this the one that goes with the award? πŸ˜‰

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