Marionettes Versus Kings


Sometimes the memories are so perfect that they become forgettable
Then you keep thinking of your darkest secrets till they become deniable
You’re so weak that you think you’re strong
‘Cause denial’s controlling your mind now
You might think that I’m clearly wrong
But you know that I’m definitely right

The truth of the fake world is a vision

That’s made by blind men
Right and wrong make no sense
And I do prefer nonsense
‘Cause what might look right to me
Might be wrong depends on your beliefs
Those who understood this life
Are behind the bars of their own minds
Captive out from taking any actions
By the leaders that fear a real man’s reaction

Behind white masks rotten grows

But the masks are so pretty that we’ll never know
Behind every crown there’s a hungry viper
Controlling these strings placing thorns…
in the depth of souls

They stink, are they marionettes, are they kings?
I think I better not speak of the unknown
They’re acting flawless, they’re standing in awe
And the fear of one’s attack has grown
Tonight they dance with the devil on their souls
Ignoring the whispers of these crying angels
Foolish selves create defense
Their walls of lies are created to be fallen

 You’re now beginning to understand the nonsense
But sadly you’re still trying to make sense
Just bring yourself back and know who you are
Just in time before you kill your spirit and soul
If you want to know the truth never close your eyes
But you can’t, you need to sleep at night
If you think that I’m right
Then you don’t really understand
And if you think that I’m wrong
Then you don’t deserve to be alive
Now the gates are open, the gates of hell
And the lands of heaven will never be full
Now the devil has taken the form of an angel
And the angels fight to keep their wings
The right side is yet to win
We’ve found ourselves in a mess we cannot fix
A massive amount of hate and personal vengeance
No one’s immortal but a great sin is
And my sin was watching victims in suffering

 No questions asked
for the right question is only right
Only when asked to the right man
For one hero we make prayers
But we don’t really need a hero
Only a cold, cruel warrior
In our lonely minds the fight begins
And the limits depend on our lonely minds
This world’s reality was once a vision
So a vision isn’t reality but reality was a vision
And what we have created can be changed
With a vision that comes with the right decisions

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